TeamSheed is more than just a full-service production company, it’s a community.

With over two decades of reality, promotional, music video and documentary content under our belts, one sentiment has always been true… we don’t do this alone. When 2020 created a shift in the world and conversations about inclusion took center stage, we decided it was time to round up “the Team.” A team that offers a solution to proper representation bundled with a history of battle-tested production strategies and hit-making execution.

Our innovative storytelling and dedication to progressive content is a testament to the pure magic that we believe exists in every production. We are proud that we are a Black-owned company and are excited about the present and future.

Here’s a literal shout-out to all the producers, camera professionals, production managers, editors, development executives, crew members, casting departments, production partners, and networks who redefine this medium every day.  – this one’s for you.  

It is up to us to continually change the narrative of what we produce, and it is our collective vision to

Change. The. Game.